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Collection Abuses

Creditor Harassment Suits

Fortunately, Doan Law Firm can Protect and assist you in Stopping Illegal Creditor Harassment and Collection Abuses! If you are receiving collection calls or other communications from creditors, and feel like there is no way to stop the endless communications, Doan Law Firm can help!

Debt collectors may not harass or abuse you by:

  • Making repeated and continuous phone calls
  • Making annoying, harassing, and abusive phone calls
  • Telling family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers about your debt or that they are trying to collect a debt
  • Contacting you without disclosing their identity
  • Contacting anyone except you, your attorney, or a credit bureau (with very limited exceptions)
  • Threatening to have you arrested if you do not pay your debts
  • Threatening any action they do not intend to take, such as lawsuit or wage garnishment
  • Using profane or abusive language
  • Using threats of violence or harm of person, property, or reputation

Debt collectors may NOT contact you:

  • After they know you are presented by an attorney
  • At any unusual time (before 8am or after 9pm) or place

The Law

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