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Alternatives to Bankruptcy

If you’re drowning in debt, we can help. It may feel like your options are limited. But there are actually several Alternatives outside of Bankruptcy, that may work instead. Doan Law Firm is prepared to assist you with any of these Bankruptcy Alternatives.


Debt Settlement is the solution for people who have fallen behind on payments, have damaged credit scores, yet have some money to resolve their debts. These Alternatives also eliminate harassment by debt collectors. When you turn to Doan Law Firm’s Debt Settlement Experts, you can rest assured we will settle your debts, for the lowest amounts possible outside of bankruptcy.

Doan Law Firm is one of the biggest and most trusted Bankruptcy Law Firms in the country. With thousands of successful Bankruptcy filings executed every year. This kind of national recognition gets creditors’ attention. They would much rather receive a reduced payment through Debt Settlement, than no payment at all. Which is the case with Bankruptcies.

Since counter claims against the creditor are typically included in our Debt Settlement proposals. This option is by far the most aggressive approach our firm can take with creditors, we negotiate with outside of Bankruptcy. At the same time that we work to reduce your debts, we also do everything in our power to increase your credit score. And eliminate the negative marks on your credit history.


Debt collection can become serious business, especially when creditors take legal action. In the case of a lawsuit, it is imperative that you take action as quickly as possible with sound legal defense advice, to guide you through the process. Doan Law Firm is a name you can trust when it comes to Collection Defense.

There is a limited time frame allowed, to protect your rights, in responding to a Complaint that a creditor has filed against you. If you don’t take action in this time frame, the courts will enter a default judgment, in the creditor’s favor. Once this happens, there will be little you can do to stop them from taking your money and other property.

To avoid property liens, bank account levies, wage garnishments, and other legal collection measures, contact us today. We can take care of all the paperwork and file the proper responsive pleading to the Complaint, that has been made against you. So you will have the time you need to pursue other options.


If you have been abused and harassed by debt collectors, and now your creditors are suing. Our Bankruptcy Attorneys can help you fight back with a counter suit(s). We rely on both State and Federal Consumer Protection Laws, to make those abusive communications stop – because if they don’t stop, we will sue them. Our Debt Experts provide communication tracking logs, to help you record all further communications from collectors. Which we can then use against your creditors in a counter suit(s), and any other violations of FDCPA, RFDCPA, TCPA, and other laws.

The San Diego Bankruptcy Attorneys of the Doan Law Firm, California’s Largest Family of Attorneys, Specializing in Bankruptcy, and Non-Bankruptcy Alternatives.

At Doan Law our Bankruptcy Attorneys will answer all your Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy questions. Call us now to meet with one of our expert bankruptcy attorneys, at any of our San Diego Bankruptcy offices, call (760) 450-3333.

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