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Clients are often confused as to exactly how much money they need to pay into their chapter 13 plan before they receive a discharge, and for good reason.

Calculating the total “pot” that needs to be paid in the chapter 13 plan for discharge involves many different variables:Type of Debt in the Bankruptcy, Results of the Artificial B22 Income Calculation, Actual Comparison of Income vs Expenses, Objections by the Trustee and Creditors, etc.

Stay tuned, more on this blog to be published soon.

Written by Michael G. Doan– Owner of the Carlsbad Bankruptcy Attorney‘s office, Michael not only manages his business, but is also a highly skilled Bankruptcy Attorney with over 17 years of experience. He specializes in many fields, such as: insolvency, bankruptcy, consumer rights, debt negotiation, creditor collection abuse, estate planning, contracts, real estate, and tax. Michael is currently concentrating his practice solely in Bankruptcy Law and is a Board Certified Specialist in Consumer Bankruptcy Law by the American Board of Certification, one of only fourteen such attorneys in all of California. 

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