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Is Your Case Strong?

How to Determine Whether You May Be Entitled to a Settlement

Not all cases are created equally. Some injury cases are worth a lot more than others, in addition the value of a case depends on the evidence. Generally speaking, the nature of your injury will dictate your case’s value. Insurance companies usually pay more for fatalities and fractures than they do for soft-tissue injuries, such as whiplash (cervical sprain/strain). When we first examine your case, we will ask you several questions designed to quickly determine the relative value of your injuries, such as:

  • Type of incident (auto accident, slip-fall, elder-abuse, dog bite, etc.)
  • Nature of your injury (fatality or wrongful death, fracture, brain injury, soft-tissue, or other)
  • Whether you went to the emergency room
  • If there is a police report
  • Whether both parties have insurance
  • The amount of damage done to your vehicle
  • Whether your vehicle was towed from the scene

These questions are part of our initial screening process designed to quickly assess the ballpark value of your case. The exact value of your case will not be known until after your medical treatment is concluded, all of your bills and other damages are tabulated, and the liability issues are resolved.

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