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Outside of rare exceptions such as with child support, taxes, and other government fines, jail is not an option when consumer debt is not paid.  The United States eliminated the imprisonment of debtors under federal law in 1833.  So if Debtor’s Prisons no longer exist, whats the harm in not paying consumer debt?

The harm is that the creditor can eventually sue over the debt.  Once a lawsuit is filed and the complaint served on the defendant, a response must be filed in 30 days to avoid a default.  In the event of default or in the event one does not prevail in the lawsuit, Judgment will be entered and then will be executed on.  Execution of a judgment may result in:

* LEVY of Entire Bank Accounts;

* GARNISHMENT of 25% of Paychecks;

* FORECLOSURES on Real Estate; and/or

* SEIZURES of Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats, Stocks, and other Personal Property.


IF you or someone you know were recently served with a lawsuit, you need to act immediately to avoid the forfeiture!  For more than 20 years, California’s Largest Family of Attorneys has helped tens of thousands of clients eliminate lawsuits and get out of debt, ending their sleepless and worrisome nights.

* We WIPE OUT debt forever with BANKRUPTCY, Chapters 7 & 13.

* We provide affordable NON-BANKRUPTCY alternatives like DEBT-SETTLEMENT.

* We COUNTER-SUE creditors to ELIMINATE debt and obtain CASH FOR YOU!


Creditors can be ruthless, but we can be worse.  If they have already begun enforcing a judgment (garnishing wages, levying bank accounts, etc), we can often STOP IT immediately and even REVERSE IT in some cases to get the property back!

But one needs to ACT NOW before it’s too late!!

OUR MISSION is to see our clients DEBT-FREE so they can redirect their energy toward the more important things in life; such as physical and spiritual health, family, friends, and work.


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