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It is not uncommon that we see numerous lawsuits in our Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Alternatives Practice.  The bigger problems arise when Debtors ignore these lawsuits and they escalate.  If a responsive pleading is not filed within 30 days, the creditor will request the Court to enter default, and your wages and assets will be at immediate risk.

If you are ever served with a lawsuit, you Need to take IMMEDIATE STEPS to PROTECT YOURSELF before its too late!!

Unless you act within 30 days of service of process, the creditor will eventually Confiscate your Property in the following ways until the entire Judgment Amount is paid:

* Levies of Entire Bank Accounts

* Garnishments of  25% of each paycheck

* Foreclosures on Real Estate

* Asset seizures of Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats, Stocks, and other Personal Property

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!  For over 20 years, Doan Law Firm has been using both State and Federal Laws to: Eliminate Judgments, Stop Bank Levies, Stop Garnishments, Stop Foreclosures, Prevent Asset Seizures, and Counter Sue Creditors.  At Doan Law Firm, all we do is ELIMINATE DEBT.  Doan Law Firm prides itself in providing Bankruptcy and Non-Bankruptcy Alternatives to once and for all eliminate Debt!  Yes we COUNTER-SUE creditors in many cases without the need to file for Bankruptcy!

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