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Obtain Credit Cards, Home Loans & Auto Financing after a Southern California Bankruptcy Filing


Often it is easier to obtain credit cards after filing a bankruptcy than prior to filing. This is primarily because the creditors understand that you typically cannot file a bankruptcy again for another 8 years, and you have no other bills to pay, meaning you are a great credit risk and now have the ability to pay your new credit card bills.

Moreover, your FICO score typically increases immediately after a bankruptcy filing, as 1/3 of your entire credit score is based upon the outstanding debt which is wiped out with bankruptcy.

It is not uncommon to get numerous credit card solicitations right after filing your case. Good advice is to get 4 credit cards, but pay them off each month. This will start to set a positive track record and further improve your credit.

Be sure to check out our affiliation with 720creditscore to rebuild your credit and get the latest and best rates on credit cards after bankruptcy.


The Local Auto Dealerships in Southern California all want to sell you a new car fresh out of bankruptcy. Just like with Credit Cards, they understand you are now a better credit risk after your case is filed.

Moreover, they are further protected since they hold a security interest in the vehicle and can repossess the car if you fail to pay. Shop around, though, since interest rates after bankruptcy should run about 10% to 15% and many times they will try to charge a rate closer to 20% if you are not careful.

Additionally, don’t forget the special financing with This company is the best we have seen when it comes to financing a car after Bankruptcy. Usually they can get you the car you want, at the price you want, the payments you want, with no down payment, and an average of 12% interest within a month of filing bankruptcy!  Moreover, if you are letting your car go, simply contact us to drop it off at our office and we will handle the surrender.


Our Southern California Real Estate affiliates, First Platinum Financial and First Platinum Properties, can help you find your new home and provide the financing needed to complete your purchase. Despite poor credit and/or a bankruptcy filing, we can help you obtain the American Dream of owning a home.

We offer a variety of products, from 30 year mortgages, 15 year mortgages, Interest only loans, Negative amortization loans, Option ARMS, to Mobile Home Loans and Refinancing. We also do Deed’s in Lieu, Short Sales, Second Mortgage Lien Stripping, and other various real estate needs.

Despite a bankruptcy filing, it is not uncommon to finance a home 4 months out of bankruptcy and be able to do 100% financing at the same time! No Down Payment right out of Bankruptcy!

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